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Roxy's Inking Brushes for Corel Painter

Roxane Lapa
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This is a custom brushpack I created for Corel Painter (versions 19-23).


Brush Set Name: RXY Inking Brushes v 1.2 & RXY RXY Inking Brushes legacy 1.1


2023 version:
1.1 Modified a few of the brushes to look better at bigger sizes, and added a tapered eraser.
For Legacy Version:
1.2 Modified a few of the brushes to look better at bigger sizes, and added a tapered eraser.
1.1 Changed all cover method to cover, instead of enhanced cover to prevent crashes in older versions. See troubleshooting section below


I made these files on PC using Corel Painter versions 2023. I've tested them on Corel Painter 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, as well. I've not tested them on earlier versions or on Mac systems. Feedback is appreciated.

Troubleshooting for older versions:

If you downloaded the Legacy version prior to 5 September, you may have problems with Corel Painter not wanting to open. You can solve this by uninstalling it and downloading and reinstalling a fresh patched copy.

  • To uninstall: Navigate to C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Corel\Painter 2019\Default\Brushes\Painter x Brushes (replace x with your version) and delete the folder "RXY Inking Brushes legacy"
  • Then from the brushes drop down on the top left, right click on the (now empty) category and click to hide it.
  • You can then download and install a fresh version which does not have the bug present.

I'm so sorry if this has messed you around.

Preview & Art Demo

If you would like a preview of the brushes (as well as a quick install guide), please watch:

Or for a very quick preview of brushes included, see below image:


Download the zip file that corresponds to your version of Corel Painter and follow instructions in "Installation and Copyright.txt" inside zip

Copyright / Redistribution

This brushpack may have been free in the past, but may no longer be free. Whether you obtained it free or not, please do not redistribute in part or whole, nor as part of a bundle. It should only be obtainable from these websites: and

If you obtained them from elsewhere, please report as piracy.

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Zip files for various versions of Painter. Each zip contains a brushpack, a preview, and an installation guide.


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Roxy's Inking Brushes for Corel Painter

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