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How I Overcame Panic Disorder Without Drugs

Roxane Lapa
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I've been tormented with anxiety related issues for as long as I can remember.

In 2003, my panic attacks got severe enough that I had a proper nervous breakdown. I was almost entirely debilitated.

Even at that lowest point, my distrust of big pharma stopped me from getting onto SSRI drugs (anxiety meds). Even if I'd wanted to, it's too expensive for something that's arguably not even effective.

Fortunately, I did claw my way out of that hole, and the worst of it was over in a couple of months. This book details my journey of what I tried and how effective these methods were.

Other Versions

I originally published this on Amazon in 2015. It's a quick read, and those who've read it have told me that it helped them. Unfortunately that's only been a handful of people because Amazon's algorithm prevents new writers from getting any exposure. It only wants to promote authors who are already successful, or people that have bought enough reviews for it to seem that way.

As such, even though I made it as cheap as Amazon would allow me, my book hasn't had the reach that I'd hoped for.

You can still get a Kindle and Paper back version from Amazon:

You can also get an epub version from Kobo:

Reviews & Donations

I'm allowing download of this book from GumRoad for free, though I would be most grateful for donations or reviews if the book has helped you. You can donate here via GumRoad, or you can review my book wherever it is sold.

Copyright / Redistribution

Please do not bundle/redistribute the book because it does not give the recipient the option to donate/review as above. Rather send them here to get a copy of the book. Please and thank you.

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How I Overcame Panic Disorder Without Drugs

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