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Answering the Atheist

Roxane Lapa
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Respectfully answering 14 of the most popular questions asked by sceptics.

Chapter 1 How Can You Believe a Book with so Many Contradictions?

Chapter 2 What Makes Your Religion the Right One?

Chapter 3 Isn't the Bible Just a Plagiarism of Ancient Mythology?

Chapter 4 Why Do Christians Cherry-Pick from the Bible?

Chapter 5 Does God Condone Slavery?

Chapter 6 Hasn't Religion Caused More Wars than Anything Else?

Chapter 7 If God Exists, Why Does He Allow Such Evil?

Chapter 8 Is God Jealous?

Chapter 9 If God Is Good, Why Should We Fear Him?

Chapter 10 Does God Condone Rape and Incest?

Chapter: 11 How Do You Determine the Voice of God from the Voice of Self?

Chapter 12 How Do You Explain Dinosaur Bones?

Chapter 13 What about Cave Men?

Chapter 14 Who Deserves to Burn in Hell Forever?

All answers are thoroughly researched using the Bible itself, biblical commentaries, apologist insights, Hebrew and Greek lexicons, and (where appropriate) scientific and secular sources.

At over 300 pages, it's quite a thick book, but it's written in plain English, and is hopefully not too dry. If you want a quick preview, you can find chapter 7 published in its entirety to my blog:

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I priced the book very low for its size, but I've had almost no sales thanks to Amazon's algorithm and 1 bad review of it from someone who admits he never even read it, so I would be most grateful for donations or reviews if you found this book worthy. You can donate here via GumRoad, or you can review my book at one of the below sites:

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Answering the Atheist

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